This was a software engineering project that I did in 2014 for a college in Americana, São Paulo/Brazil. The main idea of this project was to provide an easy way for employees to manage and control the hardware inventory in the whole college, generating documents, logs e status for each one of the items. The final software has a lot of functionalities such as internal chat, history of maintenance and access control.


  • Laravel 4 (PHP Framework)
  • Bootstrap 3 (CSS Framework)


  • Hardware inventory management
    • CRUD
    • Save the history of hardware maintenance
    • Generate official documents for hardware maintenance
    • Export tables to PDF and Excel files
  • User Control
    • Login history
    • Access permission (Admin, Technician, Common User)
  • Internal Chat
    • List of online users and their last access
    • Message history
  • Post-it dashboard
  • Error logs
  • System Maintenance