This is a project I did for a professor from the Economic's department of Saint Michael's College, Colchester, USA. The project is a public finance simulator where students can create distinct simulations for different economical scenarios.

The professor populates the system with the students and places them into groups. Each group has a leader and this leader is responsible for dealing with the main simulation of the group. Students can also create separated simulations, but just the main one can be submitted to the professor for final evaluation.

The simulator part is really huge, and the calculations may persist into a big loop, depending on what the students want to do. To overcome that hurdle, I decided to use JavaScript for calculating the formulas in order to have a faster response. The simulation is automatically saved in the local storage, but the student can save it in the cloud whenever they want. Also, when the group decides to send the main simulation for the professor's evaluation, modification can no longer be done. However, they can still load the simulation for viewing previous results and generate graphs as well as PDF files in case they need to make presentations or write a paper.

The system also has a Bug Report feature in case the students find a bug in the simulator. In addition, a System Log is provided to have a better accuracy about the bugs and errors the system may get.

Help sections and personal messages are provided in the system as well.


  • Laravel 5.1 (PHP Framework)
  • Bootstrap 3.2 (CSS Framework)
  • JQuery 1.10 (JS Framework)