PH File Manager

PH File Manager

Publish Date: July 03, 2016


  • This extension implements a more powerful file manager for OpenCart 2.x


  • The FREE version of this program is licensed under the GPL v3 (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).
  • The PREMIUM version of this extension is Single-project. If you wish to get an extended license in order to use in more than just one project, contact me for further information.


Create folders and subfolders    
Search for a file within a folder    
Upload multiple files at once    
Move files and folders via drag and drop    
Upload remote files via URL link    
Rename files and folders    
Crop, rotate, zoom and flip images    
Use mouse and keyboard shortcuts    
Copy, cut and paste files and folders    
Download files and folders as .zip files    
Modify the results per page    
Start on the previous path      
Safety check      
Updates and Support      


  • Download the extension.
  • Go to the menu Extensions > Extension Installer and upload the zip file you have just downloaded.
  • ATENTION: Your current /admin/controller/common/filemanager.php file will be REPLACED! So, if you wish to keep a backup of that file, do it now!
  • After that, just press the Continue button to confirm and the new file manager will be working.
    If your new file manager is not working, try to clean the cache of your browser.
  • If you are using the PREMIUM VERSION, you have to follow the instructions below as well:
  • Go under Extensions > Modules > PH File Manager and hit the green button Install
  • After the installation, you can Edit the module and apply the configurations that you need
    These steps are important if you want to implement features like Save Last Path, Safety Check and Results per Page

How to Use (Animated GIFs)

- Select/Use an image

- Upload an image

- Remote upload

- Delete file

- Upload and crop image

These two are bigger, so you may open them on IMGUR.

- Edit and crop image

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- Navigation and moving files

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