PH Calendar

PH Calendar

Publish Date: June 07, 2016


  • This is a complete calendar/agenda that let's you manage events and upcoming events in the Admin area.

What are the features in this plugin?

  • Create, delete and update events
  • Drag and Drop to edit events
  • Repeat events (Only once, daily, weekly, each two weeks, monthly, semesterly and yearly)
  • Set up different colors for each event
  • Separate events for each user
  • Translation for 2 languages: Portuguese-BR and English-GB

What are the third-party libraries of this plugin?

  • FullCalendar 2.2.5
  • Moment.js 2.11.0
  • iCheck 1.0.1
  • Sweet Alert 1.0.0

How do I install it?

  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Open the Admin, go to Extension > Extension Installer and upload the .zip file you have downloaded
  3. Go to Extension > Modifications and click on the Refresh button (the light blue button at the right top of the screen)
  4. Go to Extension > Modules and find the PH Calendar plugin. After that, click on the Install button
  5. Edit the PH Calendar plugin, change the status to Enabled and click on the Save button. (Now, you should be able to see a Calendar icon at the header)
  6. In order to give permission to access the Calendar, go to System > Users > User Groups and edit the groups you want, giving them the Access and Modify Permissions for calendar/ph_calendar
  7. Now, you can go to the PH Calendar, clicking on the Calendar button in the header
IMPORTANT As we are dealing with dates and times in here, don't forget to setup the PHP default timezone

Is there a Premium version?

  • No. This plugin provides its full features, but if you need some particular implementation or modification, just contact me for further information.

What are the supported versions?

  • Currently, just the versions 2.x are supported. None of the 1.5.x versions is included (sorry).

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